Welcome to the official website of the Bulgarian Lacrosse Federation

Lacrosse is considered the oldest North American sport. Rooted in Native American religion, lacrosse was often played to resolve conflicts, heal the sick, and develop strong, virile men. To Native Americans, lacrosse is still referred to as “The Creator’s Game”. Among Native Americans such as the Cherokees or the Six Nations of the Iroquois there were many versions of what is not known as lacrosse. The Cherokees called the sport “the little brother of war” because it was considered excellent military training. A team consisted of hundreds, even thousands, of players, often an entire village or tribe, the goals were often miles apart, and a game might last as long as three days. Since most players couldn’t get anywhere near the ball, they concentrated on using the stick to injure opponents. 

Today the game is much different and has evolved to become one of the fastest growing and most exciting games to play or watch around the world! If you want to read more about the history of lacrosse check it out here.
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The International Lacrosse Federation (ILF) has conducted a men’s world championship tournament since 1967. As of this year Team Bulgaria will be another country to add to list of countries participating in the 2018 World Championships being held in Netanya, Israel from July 12-22. Bulgaria will join the United States, Canada, Japan, and a host of other countries from around the world to showcase their growth and talent in lacrosse.

This is our page and contribution to our country to represent our players and skills with pride to the world. We look forward to sharing our team, events, and results with you and hope that you, foreign or domestic join us to play, watch, and support us as we continue to grow the game within our country.